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Why TWS?

The Wings of Society is a versatile method for Technology that makes teaching satisfactory today!
The method is built upon the pupils' experiencences in everday life and links technology to physics, mathematics, arts, etc. TWS can be well characterised by the key words learning-by-doing, flexible lesson arrangements, open source project, cross-curricular, not expensive, and last but not least, appealing to pupils.

Learning-by-doing has proven to be a very efficient learning strategy for Technology. That is why every chapter start with a series of assignments. If pupils need support, they can refer to the theory on the last pages, or to the teacher.
Technology is a perfect starting point for learning, as it claims a great part of a pupil's every day life. Technology is a known factor in what children experience all day, more than lots of languages or physics. Besides, Technology offers the teacher and the pupil a lovely balanced mix of practical work, research and theory.

Books contain the basic material. Lots of necessary additional materials are digitally available on this website. This way, the method can be continuously developed and extended.

Most of the themes are non-sequential, so the teacher can programme his lessons in the best way and adapt them to the local school situation.

Based on a life time of 5 years, independent institutes calculated The Wings of Society as the cheapest method available. Besides: the licence fee for the free use of workbooks, tests, task sheets, glossaries, answer books, complete support etc. saves about 250 teacher hours, while useful contributions may return a part of the licence sum back to the school.

Schools can sign up for the project at any time. They commit themselves to join the project for at least three years. To reduce the costs per year, they can suscribe for a longer period.

We usually keep direct and personal contact with the teachers. In this way we can offer the best support.

For evaluation purposes, you can purchase a copy of both the books of The Wings of Society  by transferring € 50,00 to  IBAN  NL43INGB0006862772 of Stichting Technicles, Ede. 

Please do not forget to mention your complete delivery address!