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Buy and Join in

1st year / form
Book The Wings of Society, Themes 1-3, 96 pages: order nr 01.001.
ISBN: 978-90-810422-1-5.
Price: € 24,90*

School licence digital part**, Themes 1-3, order nr 01.003
Price € 650 per year***, after 3 years maintenance licence Euro 49 per year.

2nd year / form 
Book The Wings of Society, Themes 4-6, 96 pagina's: order nr 01.002
ISBN: 978-90-810422-2-2
Price: € 24,90*

School licence digital part** themes 4-6, order nr 01.004
Price € 650 per year***, after 3 years maintenance licence € 49 per year.

A school licence for both two forms costs € 1295,- per year. The maintenance licence is €95,- per year.

Prices, purchasing directly from Technicles.
Ordering our books via educative book sellers may lead to 30 % higher prices.
Please use the Order form below for any order.

An important and variable part of the method consists of materials on this website. Though these materials are additional, without them the method loses quite a part of its charm and potential.
Licenced schools have free access to Workbooks, Task Sheets and Glossaries for the pupils. Teachers have free access to extensive Support Papers, didactic aids, building instructions for special educative tools, material lists, class management suggestions, Answer Books, Tests etc.
All documents are downloadable pdf files and free to copy.

Users subscribe for at least 3 years. The total costs are spread over this period. Afterwards the licence is usually converted into a maintenance licence in order to keep access to the (new) materials.
Schools can choose for a phased licence or a longer term. If necessary, we would be happy to offer you other arrangements than mentioned below.

Standard arrangement options:
A   € 695 + 1295 + 1295 + 695 (+ 95 + ...)
B   € 1295 + 1295 + 1295 (+ 95 + ...)
C   € 815 + 815 + 815 + 815 + 815 (+ 95 + ...)
D   € 3490 (+ 95 +...)

Finally: support and direct contact with our customers has our priority. We are happy to advise you with respect to your choices. So feel free to contact us and don't let any question remain unanswered!