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Technicles offers a special TWS edition for bilingual Dutch VMBO (B/K) schools.

Schools can purchase this special version instead of the regular TWS textbooks and only next to the normal web licence.

Next options are available:
Standard VMBO (wide layout, integrated text/workbook, practical arrangement,
    themes 1-6):  €1750,-  Download the examples below!
2  Glossaries, test questions, teachers materials for 1: €350,-
3  School-customization (school-made pictures, logo etc) of 1: € 480,-
4  School customization of 2: €50,-

Logically, schools choose 1, or 1+2, or 1+2+3+4.
Can't you find any special options or arrangements you should like? If you have other wishes concerning adaptations or special arrangements, ask us by Contact Form! We are specialized in custom made educational material.